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Friday, October 19, 2007
  Welcome to European Rivet Supplies ERS UK - Riv-bolt Pins and Collars
  Industry standard type lockbolt pins and collars are available from European Rivet Supplies based in the UK. Vibration proof industry standard type fasteners called Rivbolts conform to the very same values as industry standard lockbolts. Rivbolts by European Rivet Supplies are manufactured in the UK and distributed world wide.

Rivbolts are completely interchangeable with the industry standard tooling. European Rivet Supplies supply lockbolts to a wide range of industries such as quarry lant manufacturers, vibrating screw manufacturers, rail car builders, commercial vehicle builders and a host of varied engineering applications. European Rivet Supplies version of industry standard lockbolt pin and collar system offers a range of lockbolt type fasteners from 3/16" diameter up to and including 1 1/8" in both steel and aluminium.

Future development of the Rivbolt system by European Rivet supplies in the UK will include such materials as Stainless Steel and will include the launch of a range of structural blind rivbolts or blind structural lockbolts, again a fastening system which is completely interchangeable with industry standard tooling.

For further information about industry standard lockbolts pins and collars call the European Rivet Supplies UK office for your copy of our industry standard fastener and tooling options. 

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